Traffic Safety Unit

 The Glassboro Police Traffic Safety Unit is comprised of officers who have specialized training in crash investigations, traffic enforcement and implementing safety programs. These officers are called upon to investigate crashes that result in serious injury, deploy traffic safety equipment such as the department’s radar trailer and signboard, as well as a “traffic counter” to collect data regarding the speed and amount of vehicles traveling on our roadways.

Additionally, officers help to identify roadway design flaws or obstructions and apply for traffic safety grants, such as “Click it or Ticket” and DWI enforcement. They can also assist with child car seat inspections and installations, all free of charge.

Supervisors of the traffic unit oversee the departments Drug Recognition Expert and Alcotest training along with overseeing our Crossing Guards.

If you have a question or concern about traffic safety in your area, contact Community Services Officer Det. Julie Howery at 856-881-1501 ext 88167 or via email at and she will assist you.