Detective Bureau


The Detective Bureau, which is under the command of a Lt. Rick Watt, consists of three separate units: The Special Investigations Unit, The Community Services Unit and Criminal Investigation Unit. The Special Investigations Unit is faced with the daunting task of combating vice and drug crimes. Working with patrol, the Unit identifies, arrests and attempts to eradicate the flow of drugs into the community. The Community Services Unit acts as a liaison with the Borough’s Code Enforcement Office as well as the numerous rental properties in town. Additionally, the Unit helps to identify non-criminal community problems and works with the appropriate services and agencies to come up with a solution to them. The Criminal Investigation Unit is responsible for investigating crimes that are serious in nature.

Criminal Investigations is also tasked with conducting backgrounds on new applicants and firearms permits. The Investigative Division has detectives on duty or on call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. The Detective Bureau accounts for approximately 10% of sworn police personnel and is comprised of a supervising Lieutenant, Detective Sergeant, Detective Corporal, permanently assigned trained detectives and a civilian evidence and property technician. The primary duty of the Detective Bureau is to support the Patrol Division in the investigation of more serious crimes, although they are also responsible for:

  • Criminal Investigations

  • ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control) Violations

  • Liquor License Backgrounds

  • Crime Scene Investigation

  • Juvenile Offenders and Issues

  • Evidence and Property

  • Crime Analysis

  • Megan’s Law Registrants

  • Narcotics Enforcement

  • Covert Operations and Informants

  • Police Applicant Background Investigations

  • Assisting other agencies as needed


(856) 881-1501 ext 88184