15 Special Officers Graduate from GC Police Academy

The Gloucester County Police Academy held its 29th Special Officer II Class graduation ceremony on March 22 in the Physical Education Center of Rowan College at Gloucester County campus.

Fifteen officers from area police departments graduated from the program.

Special Officer II graduates are authorized to exercise full powers and duties similar to those of a permanent, regularly appointed, full-time police officer.

The trainees must complete instruction, including professional development, criminal justice system, police community relations, law, arrest, search and-seizure, evidence, communications, vehicle operations, emergency medical care, weapons and unarmed defense; patrol concepts; traffic; criminal investigation; physical fitness; and agency training.

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Lavon Phillips
Rowan University speaks out against hate speech after protest

Rowan University officials have spoke out against hate speech after a protest on campus drew the ire of students.  The demonstration occurred Thursday on the Glassboro, New Jersey campus. Protesters appeared to be holding anti-gay signs.  The university said two students were arrested for throwing sodas at the protesters.  University President Ali Houshmand released a statement to the community on social media, reacting to the incident. It was titled "Responding to hate."  It read in part, "Rowan is obligated as a public institution to allow freedom of expression, but we do not endorse or condone hate speech in any form." 
Houshmand statement continued, "Rowan University is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all members of the community and rejects the abhorrent sentiments expressed by the protesters."  "Today, many of us had the opportunity to stand against hate. I am proud of who we are." 

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