Our Programs

No police agency in the world can succeed in its mission without strong partnerships with the community. Our numerous and diverse programs promote these partnerships while also forging strong bonds between our officers and the public they serve.



The Glassboro Police Department sponsors a Police Explorer Program for young adults ages 14 through 20 years old who are interested in Law Enforcement as a possible career. We are looking for new members of good moral character and a positive attitude.

Police Chaplain Program

This program provides a partnership with qualified religious leaders -regardless of denomination - who are available to respond during a crisis. These volunteers can assist in providing a more personalized quality of service to the community and can help us provide a more comprehensive response to those individuals in their time of need. The Police Chaplain will perform tasks of a more emotional or social nature while the officer handles those tasks that are of a law enforcement nature.

Junior Police Academy

The Junior Police Academy will cover a multitude of topics, including Police Morals and Ethics, Motor Vehicle Law, DWI Enforcement, Teens and Drug Use, Crime Scene and Evidence Processing, K-9, SWAT, Bicycle Patrol, and more. We will begin each day with an hour of light physical training and military drill.