Crime-Free Housing

The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is a crime prevention program designed to reduce the presence of crime, drugs, and other issues on rental properties. This free, voluntary program consists of three phases that must be completed by property owners under the supervision of the local police department.

The anticipated benefits for landlords are reduced police calls for service, a reduction in the crime rate, a more stable resident base, improved neighbor relations, an increase in the quality of life, and reduced exposure to civil liability. These benefits, along with renting to quality tenants, can help increase property values, make your property a desirable choice for prospective tenants and can save costs associated with renting to problem tenants.

The anticipated benefits for tenants include knowing your landlord is committed to providing you a safe home along with working to achieve a safer neighborhood. Additionally, the program promotes making contacts and relationships with neighbors allowing for a safer, more communal feel to the area.

The phases of training include a one-day workshop where all owners and/or managers for a property would be trained, a survey conducted by the police to ensure your property meets minimum safety recommendations and community awareness training. The Department will strive to plan the workshop and subsequent phases around the schedules of those interested in taking part of our program.

For more information or if you are a property owner interested in becoming certified, please contact Det. Julie Howery, Community Services Officer at 856-881-1501 ext. 88167 or at to be notified of our upcoming training dates.

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