Parking Portal

Borough of Glassboro Frontline Overnight Parking Website

The Borough of Glassboro and Rowan University have partnered with the Gloucester County Emergency Response Center to offer residents and visitors a more efficient manner to submit and register overnight parking request. Web – based overnight parking requests can now be submitted electronically by going to:

Overnight Parking Portal

Borough ordinance 445-14 (G) restricts overnight parking between the hours of 2 a.m. – 6 a.m. on all borough streets. Requests made through the website will allow citizens to park overnight for a maximum of (6) six times per month. The system tracks vehicles by registration information and will automatically deny request(s) that exceed the maximum allowable number within a calendar month. Anyone needing additional overnight parking will have to call 856-881-1500 to seek approval from the duty supervisor of the Glassboro Police Department.

Upon entering the system to register an overnight parking request, users must complete the following steps to complete the process:

  1. Click on the “submit now” tab
  2. Completely and accurately fill out the “Overnight Parking Entry” details page
  3. Click on the “submit” tab to complete the entry

If the entry is not instantly denied the request has been granted.

Anyone that does not have access to the internet, or those having trouble navigating through the website should contact the police dispatcher for assistance at 856-881-1500.


• Overnight parking requests must been submitted before 2 a.m. to ensure that a summons will not be issued. Requests are time stamped in the system.
• Accuracy of the data entered is the key to minimizing the chances that a summons will be issued.
• Certain streets in the Borough are designated as Permit Parking Only Zones. Citizens requesting overnight parking in these areas must also have a properly displayed, and valid, parking permit for the zone in which parking is being requested.
• Permit parking requirements as established by borough ordinance 445-57, in designated zones, are only in effect between Labor Day and Memorial Day.

Refer to the Borough of Glassboro website for complete details of parking ordinances found under the “Government Tab” where the Code Book can be located.