Firearms Unit

The Firearms Training Unit consists of six police officers, who have been certified by the State of New Jersey, Police Training Commission to qualify police officers with their handguns semi-annually. Those qualification courses are set by the PTC and include both a daylight and low light (night) course of fire.

In addition, several of the officers on the unit are also certified as Police Service Rifle and/or Submachine Gun Instructors. Approximately 3 or 4 officers on each of the department’s five platoons are trained and qualified to carry the Police Service Rifles, which are a variant of the M-4 rifle. That training is conducted four times year. Two of those training sessions are qualification courses.

The Firearms Unit is also responsible for conducting Simunitions Training or Force on Force Training. The Simunitions line of equipment allows the unit to train all officers on the proper use of force using weapons that are identical to those carried on duty, but they have been converted to fire a less lethal paint projectile or marking cartridge.