The police administration is comprised of the Chief of Police, Deputy Chief and four Lieutenants. Each officer in the command staff has a different responsibility, such as supervising the patrol division, the detective bureau, Training, special events, traffic safety, accreditation and budgets.

Additionally, we have support staff that comprises our Records Department, Evidence, Abandoned Vehicles and Firearms Applications.

Police Chief Franklin Brown
856-881-1501, ext 88181

Deputy Chief John Polillo
Policy Management and Budgets
856-881-1501,ext 88124

Lieutenant Tom Fanelli
Detective Bureau, Internal Affairs Supervisor
856-881-1501, ext 88184

Lieutenant Ryan Knight
Patrol Supervisor, Communications
856-881-1501, ext 88160

Lieutenant Michael Dowd
Equipment,Traffic Safety Supervisor, SRO
856-881-1501, ext 88136

Lieutenant William McCain
Training, Events, Special Officers
856-881-1501, ext. 88184